Evil Eye Colors - What is the Meaning of Each Color of Evil Eye

The colors of everything matter but in some cases colors matter the most. Evil eye jewelry has been gaining popularity in recent years because people are facing problems in their lives & it is commonly believed that evil eye can cause such harms to anyone. The evil eye guard is not only a charm but is also believed to give protection and build a sense of positivity. But You should explore more about it, so let's start our journey of exploration!

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What Is The Evil Eye?

If you are a history lover then you must have read about different beliefs and you must know that every religion and every society has its own beliefs about the same thing. In the same manner, different mythologies have different opinions about the evil eye. Different beliefs say that someone can put an evil eye on another with evil forces. The evil eye is directed at negativity, bad health, and even death. The Believers say that you can wear an evil eye charm to protect yourself from any bad energy.

What Are The Different Types Of Evil Eyes?

Whether you believe it or not, evil eyes still exist and almost in every culture, people believe it. If there are good forces that exist in this world then bad too. All believers say that there are three types of the evil eye;

  • Un- Conscious: This type of evil eye is not intended to harm people and things but this evil eye harms other people and things without necessarily intending to do so.
  • Conscious: This evil eye 100% intends to harm and bad luck to others.
  • Unseen Evil Eye: This is the most dangerous evil eye because this is a conscious intent to harm others but secretly. Which is mostly not recognizable and causes death.

Who Created The Evil Eye Symbol?

The origin of this symbol is unknown, but some believe it originated in ancient Egypt, where it was used as a means of protection against evil spirits and curses. In later years, the symbol became known as the "eye" because it resembles an upside-down eye with an eye socket.

The earliest known use of the evil eye symbol dates back to about 3000 BC in Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq). The ancient Sumerians believed that if you looked at someone with an angry or hateful expression your gaze would become one with theirs and create an irresistible force that would harm you. This belief can be seen in how some cultures today still believe that looking into someone's eyes without their permission will cause them harm or even death!

Evil Eye Symbols

Why Do We Have To Wear Evil Eye Jewelry?

The Evil Eye Guard is a piece of jewelry or other daily life accessory that is believed to protect the wearer from any negative or evil effects. Evil eye guard protects against bad luck. Evil eye jewelry has been worn for centuries by many people who are searching for protection. There are different ways to wear evil eye jewelry depending on your beliefs and rituals, but basically, it's about wearing the piece of jewelry that will help protect you from negative energy or bad luck.

The most common way to wear evil eye jewelry is around the neck or wrist where it can be viewed easily by others. If you are looking for more protection, you can wear an evil eye bracelet on your wrist instead of an evil eye necklace so that it will be easier to access when needed. You can also choose evil eye earrings as they are very easy to put on and take off without anyone noticing them! However, the glass beads in the jewelry ward off the negative effects and negative energy back onto the sender. In simple words, By wearing evil eye jewelry you can ward off evil effects.

Evil Eye Bracelets

The History & Symbolism Behind The Colors Of The Evil Eye

The history behind the evil eye is not well recorded, however, it is believed that it is from Mesopotamia where ancient symbols were recorded. The symbol and culture of the evil eye are available almost in all religions like Jewish, Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism too.

In Ancient paintings and wall art, the eye symbol can be seen clearly. So evil eyes have existed since ancient times. The charm has an eye symbol referred to as "nazars". The evil eye amulet is popular in Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and many other countries.

Different Colors Of Evil Eye With Their Meanings

In old age evil eye charm was only seen in blue color because it was believed that blue is the color of the sky and therefore it represents calmness and also represents Gods. But with the passage of time, the evil eye amulet is available in different colors. Now various colors of evil eye beads are used but blue is still popular and most acceptable. Evil eye guard colors have different meanings you can find here all about the different meanings of the evil eye guard. Here are the different colors of the evil eye guard with significance:

  • Dark Blue: Dark Blue is the Original and most common color of the evil eye. Blue is the color of Heaven Gods, therefore it is the color of good luck and good Karma. This color generates positivity, Motivation, commitment, creativity, and wards off evil.
  • Light Blue: Light Blue is used for general protection. It is broad in perspective, peace, and solitude as well.
  • Dark Green: Green color is also associated with calmness because it is the color of nature so it relaxes your soul and eyes automatically. It generates happiness, Relaxes your eye muscles, Maintains balance in your life, it gives you the freedom of thinking.
  • Brown: Brown is the color of the earth therefore it is associated with nature too. It protects different elements, builds your connection with nature, and gives you convenience.
  • Orange: It increases creativity, protection, and playfulness.
  • Red: This color brings courage, energy, and protection from fear, and gives strength against anxiety.
  • Purple: Purple color evil eye removes obstacles in your life, boosts imagination, and re-balances your life.
  • Light Green: Light green is the symbol of freedom, life, health, and happiness.
  • Yellow: Yellow or Gold color evil eye sharpens your mind and gives you new ideas. 
  • Pink: pink is called the color of feminism because it is the color of sensitivity and calmness. This color calms feelings, protects friendship, and relaxes your mind.
  • White: white is the color of peace and purity, it clears your vision, maintains your focus, and clears obstacles.
  • Gray: Gray evil eye Protects the wearer from sorrows, and new situations, reducing the intensity of another color.
    Evil Eye Colors and meanings

The Power Of The Evil Eye Colors In Balancing Your Health:

The evil eye is a part of our culture and religion. The color of the evil eye guards has been associated with health and wellness. The color of the evil eye guard can be beneficial for your health in many ways. The Blue Evil Eye Guard is the most powerful and beneficial of all the colors. The color of the evil eye guard can be a combination of red, black, and white. It is believed that this combination has a strong protective effect against all forms of evil eye attacks.

It is a protective charm that gives protection from evil eyes and bad luck. According to religious belief, if you wear this amulet, you can get rid of all kinds of evils from your life or from others. The evil eye bracelet is made from natural materials such as beads, stones, silver, or brass and it has an image of an eye on it. It is believed that wearing this amulet provides protection against evil eyes and bad luck.

Faqs Related To Evil Eye Colors

Can You Wear Multiple Colors Of Evil Eye?

Each color has its own distinctive value so it is good if you are wearing a multicolor Evil eye Guard. Each color provides you with different significance. It is not weird that some people wear multicolored evil eye bracelets. You can carry any color with your outfit and even multi-colors for all outfits. The most powerful way of protecting yourself from the evil eye is by wearing an amulet or ring of any color with an image of an eye on it. You can also paint your door and windows with henna to ward off negative energy.

Evil Eye Jewelry Is Made From What?

Evil eye jewelry is a form of jewelry that may have been worn by the Ancient Egyptians as far back as 5000 BC. The evil eye jewelry has been worn by many people in various cultures and religions. The evil eye jewelry is made up of a number of different items, including An amulet with a picture of an eye for an image of the person who is supposed to be protected from the evil eye.

A bracelet or necklace made up of shells, feathers, or beads. A pendant made from silver, gold, or copper. The Hamsa and the evil eye are used to guard anything so they are made with different stuff like Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron, Wood, Glass, and stones too. Metals are more widely used than other materials because it is thought that these materials have the ability to fight against evil and badness. Metals also give strength to the Amulet.

How To Wear An Evil Eye Guard In Public?

When choosing an evil eye piece, consider how much exposure you want it to have. If it's going to be worn out in public without any accessories or clothing around it, then consider having the stone set into a simple silver or gold band and not making it too flashy or attention-getting.

Where To Buy Evil Eye Guard?

There are many types of evil eye guards available in the market today but only a few are effective against all types of evils like witchcraft etc. If you want to buy an evil eye bracelet, then firstly you should research which one is real and effective before buying one for yourself or for someone else as a gift to ward off evil eyes and negativity. You can get authentic evil eye jewelry at Evil Eye Guard.

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