Evil Eye In Turkish History And Across Different Cultures

People always ask What is the Evil eye Meaning and where it came from? Why should we wear an evil eye guard? In simple words, Evil Eye Guard is a special piece of jewelry designed to protect the wearer from harmful and negative effects. These harmful effects are caused by many negative or evil powers.

Evil Eye is considered to be Bad but Evil Eye Guard is used to ward off all the negative effects. This jewelry provides protection and gives power against negative or evil powers. ‘’Turkish Evil Eye’’ is equally famous in Turkish History as well as in other cultures around the Globe. In Istanbul, the one thing which is observed the most is the evil eye beads. This is a Cultural thing In Istanbul for 5000 years of history and is still used the same as in past times. Turkish Evil Eye Guards are specially used for newborn Babies, new cars, new houses, and also for newly married couples to ward off the Bad effects.

Evil eye Guard is not a common piece of jewelry in Turkey only but it is also famous among Jews, Muslims, and Christians cultures. Turkish people use the Turkish Evil Eye to protect their shops and homes, by hanging the evil eye guards there. There is Fascinating and superstitious history behind the Turkish Evil Eye. Some shocking truths about the Turkish Evil Eye are yet to know.

Turkish Evil Eye Guard

The Origin Of Turkish Evil Eye!

The History of Evil Eye is as old as ancient Mesopotamia, followed by Assyrians and Phoenicians, Europe, Celts, Romans, Jewish through to the Bible, the Hellenistic Era, and the modern-day world. This concept was early mentioned in many civilizations. It is also seen in Greek and Roman superstitions. Now The Turkish Evil Eye Guard is not only popular but has also become a symbol of souvenirs in Turkey.

The Turkish evil eye can be placed on someone by looking at them or by speaking ill of them. If a person has a Turkish evil eye placed on them, they will have bad luck and bad health, as well as cause other problems for the person who has it placed on them. When someone has a Turkish evil eye placed on them, they cannot use their power to help others or themselves because they are cursed and cannot do anything about it. It is believed that we can ward off this curse by wearing a special pair of sunglasses that have been blessed by a local priest or religious figure. 

Turkish Evil Eye History

As mentioned above, in Turkey the history of the Evil Eye amulet is as old as in other civilizations. The Turkish people created the ‘’Nazar Boncuk charm’’ which is also known as the Turkish Evil Eye. This was started to protect the Turkish people from evil effects. The Turkish Evil eye is not a piece of Good luck it is just for the sake of protection.

Evil Eye Guard

People of the modern and traditional Turkish age use this amulet almost in every place and began to hang it almost on everything from their children to pets. You can say that it is also a trick to know about the evil eye effect that the evil eye amulet will wear and crack. It doesn't mean that it is bad luck but it is a sign that the beads have done their job and you are safe now, and you need a new one.

The Turkish Evil Eye Amulet!

Since ancient times it is believed that the Amulets are often used for bad and good, The Amulets have value in themselves, evil eye cast negative influences which can affect anyone. For example, the evil eye can be cast by anyone who thinks that the other person does not deserve fame, wealth or beauty. The Consequences are that the person gets hurt, gets ill, or even ends up dead. And the same situation happens to the objects. The ancestors say that some people have negative powers so they hurt others with these evil powers.

Turkish Evil Eye Amulets

Evil Eye Across Different Cultures!

In Many Civilizations, the meaning of the Evil Eye is the same. Many people just think that it just works for people who are beautiful & successful in their life which is not true. However, different cultures have different opinions about the Evil eye.

1. Europe

In Europe, it is considered that people who have a unique eye color like Germans and Irish people, have more ability to cast evil eye. People started to believe that a harsh glance can give someone bad luck. Evil eye in Europe is associated with witches and Bad people who act as witches in real life.

2. Hinduism

The Hindu community says that an admiring eye can also affect others whether it is good or bad admiration. They say that the symptom of it is that their cow’s supply of milk is dry. So it is a tradition you give a bowl of milk to someone you admire to counteract the evil eye.

It is also said in Hinduism and even in Muslim communities that when you are marrying someone or expecting a baby or you are passing through puberty you are most vulnerable to the evil eye.

3. South America

In South America (Brazil) the evil eye is called the "fat eye’’, and you are a victim of the evil eye when you get some insincere compliments. If you are given sincere compliments then it is ok and no need to worry.

Why Is Blue Color Used In Turkish Evil Eye?

It is believed that since ancient times Amulets are used for Self-protection. The Evil eye amulet is made in a unique style with blue glass with many other colors like blue, white, yellow, and black.

 It is mainly made with two primary colors, blue and light blue. People often ask why the blue color. The answer is that in ancient greek blue is considered the color of protection, it protects against all harm and it is also the color of calmness. Yellow and light blue is used in the middle and it is protected usually with black color.

The Blue color radiates positive energy and light blue is the color of the sky which also shows calmness, safe effect, and blessing from heaven. Light blue( Sky Blue) is the color of the truth. Blue is also associated with Gods in history. This color has the ability to relax tension.

Blue Evil Eye

How To Protect Yourself Against Evil Eye?

If there are bad powers in the world there are good powers too. You can protect yourself without wearing an evil eye guard. Here are some methods which ancient greeks used to protect themselves:

  • Ancient Greeks used to fire up incense.
  • New mothers Use any Iron material like nails, Saws to put under their pillows.
  • The Groom and bride who are going to marry don't allow them to go out alone.
  • People Give food and money to beggars to protect themself.

A Short Overview Of Evil Eye Colors!

When it comes to choosing the color of the evil eye guard, there are multiple options & each color has a unique meaning:

  • Orange is the color of protection, happiness, motivation, and playfulness.
  • Dark Green is for happiness and red for courage.
  • Brown for nature if you want to build a strong relationship with nature.
  • Yellow is for health and Grey is to get rid of Sorrowfulness.
  • White for peace
  • Pink Evil eye For the protection of your friendship.
Evil Eye Colors

Where To Get An Original Turkish Evil Eye In Turkey?

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