The Egyptian Evil Eye Meaning And Symbolism

Evil Eye comes from the Malay culture in Southeast Asia, where it symbolizes character, personality, and behavior of an individual which may affect his/her life negatively. It is believed that others' gaze can be harmful to an object as well as weaken its powers and abilities. The Egyptians also believed that the mere presence of others could bring disaster, so they sought to protect themselves from misfortune by casting a "protective spell" called an evil eye upon them.

One of the oldest examples is found in the tomb of an ancient Egyptian noblewoman, who was buried with an amulet inscribed with instructions on how to protect oneself against bad luck. The result was a significant body of literature focused on this specific evil eye, as well as its antidotes.

Egyptian Evil Eye

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What Is The Eye Of RA?

Although the eye of RA in Egypt was present since ancient times in the form of sketches, paintings, carvings to hieroglyphs. In ancient Egypt, the most well-known painting was the human eye with a tear drop coming out of it. Often this eye shows its power and sometimes it represents Goddesses. Many people believe that the Egyptian eye has more powers than the Gods.

Its personification is as: 

  1. Mehit: Mehit was an ancient Egyptian goddess associated with the Eye of Ra. She is often depicted as a lioness or lioness-headed woman, symbolizing aspects of protection and fierce power.
  2. Wadjet: Wadjet, also known as Uraeus, is one of the earliest Egyptian deities and is closely linked with the Eye of Ra. She is often depicted as a cobra or a cobra with a sun disk on her head, symbolizing protection, royalty, and divine authority.
  3. Mat: In Egyptian religion, Mat represented several aspects, including the personification of justice, cosmic order, and truth. The Eye of Ra was associated with these qualities and often represented the concept of truth and justice.
  4. Bastet: Bastet is an Egyptian goddess associated with cats, women, homes, fertility, and childbirth. She is sometimes linked to the Eye of Ra, particularly in her protective aspect.
  5. Sekhmet: Sekhmet is a goddess of war in ancient Egypt, often depicted as a lioness-headed woman. She is associated with the destructive and protective aspects of the Eye of Ra. Sekhmet could bring both disease and healing, reflecting the dual nature of the Eye.
  6. Raet-Tawy: Raet-Tawy is a solar deity who is sometimes linked to the Eye of Ra. She represents the solar aspect of the Eye, emphasizing its association with the sun god Ra.
  7. Hathor: Hathor is the goddess of the sky, love, women, and fertility. She is sometimes associated with the Eye of Ra, particularly in its nurturing and protective aspects.
    Egyptian Eye of RA

    The Eye of Ancient Egypt Ra is believed that it can see everything that's why it is called the "Eye of truth". But the concept is vast because in some cases this is associated with Female relationships such as, sister, mother, daughter, and so on, so the role of this eye is multi-faceted. Some say that the RA is looking at his creation through this eye.

    Ancient Egypt's eye’s teardrop signifies a few things but it also depends on the thinking of people: the eyedrop might represent plain water or rain from above, and the role of the eye drop falling from heaven might bring fertility and rebirth.

    All You Need To Know About The Egyptian Evil Eye

    The meaning and the purpose of every symbol change from person to person, place to place, from use to use, and History view too. Some people may consider other meanings while others consider other meanings. So the idea is broad. The Eye of Ra or the Egyptian eye plays an important role in Egyptian life. Typically it represents the power of the Sun. It is believed by Egyptians that without Ra (Sun) They are unable to grow their crops, economy, and fertility and even can't live as a society.

    According to many people, this eye is a symbol of royal authority, and it has the power of truth, and justice and also has power over nature. Many Egyptians believe that the Eye of Ra or the Egyptian evil eye can see anything, and no one can escape from its watchful gaze. It also has Destructive power against evil deeds. If you are doing wrong then the evil eye will punish you. 

    Egyptian Evil Eye RA

    History Of Egyptian Evil Eye (RA)

    No one can say exactly about the Evil Eye and RA’s History and where it comes from and how it started. Let's see what different theories say about the evil eye and RA history. One theory says it is inspired by nature observation, like seeing cats and crocodiles. The first use of RA was recorded in the ancient Predynastic period and was around 6000 – 3150 BCE.

    The One Eye in Ancient is called the eye of Horus and it was developed during the first dynasty during 3000-2890 BCE. This eye is associated with different Gods with time. But one thing is all the Gods associated with Horus' eye have a separate identity. In the Roman and Ptolemaic periods people worshiped this eye as a God like their other Gods. The Egyptian eye is still used as a Goddess and symbol of protection and till then now it has its value!

    What Symbolizes An Egyptian Evil Eye?

    The Egyptian Eye is not referred to as the evil eye. The eye is generally considered to be an embodiment of the universe and is believed to be endowed with great power by its association with the sun. People have been aware that this power is present in the eyes since ancient times; it was even believed that by cursing someone you would supersede his influence on the world itself. Like other Mythologies in Egypt, the eye has a different viewpoint because in Egypt it Symbolizes Good Luck, prosperity, and fertility.

    It is difficult to say good or bad about the eye, well in Egypt the eye is a symbol of protection, which means it is a symbol of good luck, But nature is not a good symbol. Here are some points which will help all the readers to understand what symbolizes an eye in ancient Egypt.

    Procreator: At some points, the eye plays a procreator role, RA(sun) plays a procreator role and every setting sun brings the hope of new life that's why it is symbolized procreation. This is demonstrated in the tale of Ra's quest for his kids Tefnut and Shu. Ra's tears fell to the ground and turned into the first humans when he was at last reconnected with his kids, demonstrating the connection between the Eye of Ra and birth.

    Protector: In Egyptian mythology, the Eye of Ra served two distinct protective purposes. The eye was viewed as both a protective force that repelled the powers of chaos and an aggressive force that went in search of adversaries. This can be seen in the tale of Sekhmet when she destroyed humankind while playing the part of the eye. So, we can see how catastrophic the Eye of Ra is.

    Solar Symbolism: RA word is used for the sun in Egypt. RA is a solar symbol. Eyes are used to see, and it is said that the solar represents the right eye of the Sun’s God. This eye has the power to see anything and everything.

    Egyptian Evil Eye Symbol

    Egyptian Evil Eye In Modern Times

    The Evil Eye is often commonly known for immorality and life. This eye has superpowers and magical powers and is known as eternal action. The eye is used for protection means God’s eye is looking and no one can harm another.

    We told you above that the people of Egypt worship Eye(RA) and since then people of Egypt and many others around the world have worshiped it. In Karnak, there is a temple around the 15 century BCE associated with Sekhmet, especially devoted to or commemorating the evil eye.

    Now, these worship places hold significance as Tourist's destination spots. The Temple of Hathor at Dendera attracts thousands of tourists every year. From ancient times till now, these things have had the same value and gained popularity in different ways.

    Egyptian Evil Eye Jewelry

    Some Burning Questions You Must Need To Know

    What Is The Difference Between The Eye Of Ra And Evil Eye?

    Some people say that RA and Evil Eye are the same, the answer is No both are not the same. We mentioned in detail that RA is associated with good luck, fertility, and good powers on the other hand, while Evil Eye refers to "Nazar" which has Turkish origin and is associated with Badness. Evil Eye has a Wider scope than RA and is used universally.

    What Does The Eye Of Horus Protect You From?

    This eye has protective and healing powers. This eye gives protection to all living things.

    Which Is Better Eye Of Ra Or The Eye Of Horus?

    The eye of RA is legendary and often has destructive hate effects. RA is called Legend of Hate and it is borne of power, violence, and furry. The Eye of Horus has the power of healing, regeneration, and protection from God. So Decide which one is best for you.

    What Is The Egyptian Symbol For Protection?

    The Scarab is one of the well-known Egyptian symbols of protection before the rise of Christianity. The Scarab is a species of the dung beetle.

    Our Final Words

    Evil Eye is not connected to ancient Egyptian religion and it has a Negative meaning too. The Egyptian eye(RA) describes a protective amulet of spells and symbols used to prevent or repel curses. A bronze amulet usually has the Eye of Horus on the back, while Modern Egyptian evil eye amulets may include a picture of a snake's pupil and surrounding hieroglyphs. The most common variation of this design is the circle with two curved loops protruding outward if one of these bends is broken off later in use, it ensures that no bad luck can befall the owner. You can get the best evil eye amulets at Evil Eye Guard.

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