What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of Evil Eye?

We are living in the modern era but people are still jealous of others. People are living with jealousy, and live where virtues and moral values are undermined. Now people indulge in feelings of jealousy, envy and hatred, and the evil eye. It is an important thing that everyone should know about what are the causes and symptoms of the evil eye. That's the only way you can save yourself and others from evil eyes.

What Is Evil Eye?

The Evil Eye is a superstition common in many cultures, including the Arab world. It is believed that having an evil eye will bring you harm and cause you to lose your job or money. The belief that the evil eye can be cast upon a person by another person and it is said dates back to ancient times. There are many different superstitions surrounding the idea of having an evil eye. 

It has also been said that if someone looks at you with an evil eye, they will be struck by lightning and die in their sleep. If they look at you while you are sleeping, they may become paralyzed and never wake up again because they are dead already! People of all ages believe in the concept of an evil eye: children, old women, men, married women and men, pregnant women, and new mothers.

Evil Eye Symptoms

Major Causes Of Evil Eye 

People usually think that only an evil or envious eye can damage but there are two types. The Positive (Pure admiration) and the evil eye or Negative like jealousy, hate, or envy. Both feelings inflicted by human beings are harmful. Often people think that it is not a big deal that you are showing a picture of your newborn baby on social media and you see many friends commenting’’ how cute’’ though this is a positive admiration then you are inflicted with the evil eye! Here are the Causes that Evil Eye is on You:

  • Exposure to social media or any social gathering
  • Admiration
  • Hatred or jealousy

Let's discuss these points at glance!

Exposure To Social Media Or Any Social Gathering

We know we are living in a modern world and everyone has access to smartphones and all social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and many others. Now through social media, the world is a global village and everyone knows about others through technology. People like to share their day-to-day routine and every minute activities on different social media platforms.

With the positive revolution, it has a negative impact too, how? Let's discuss it! It is the gateway to the lurking of evil eyes on every social person. Now everyone is susceptible to eyes and either feeling jealousy or admiration towards us. That's why we can't control people’s emotions about social platforms and we pray for the evil eyes. The worst thing is that we can't control others' emotions and how they feel about us on different social accounts but this is in our hands how we choose to expose our lives on social accounts!


Evil eyes are not only caused by negative emotions. If you have positive feelings of admiration for other people you can affect them too. So if you are seeing someone with strong emotions then you don’t do it because the other will suffer from your admiration. Admiration is a feeling of positivity but there are some hidden emotions of envy too which the admirer didn't know itself.

Hatred Or Jealousy

Evil Eye is said that if you look at someone with hatred, he or she will become sick. In ancient times, if someone looked at his neighbor with an evil eye and he became ill, this man had to compensate him by giving him some money or something else useful. In modern times, there are many stories about people who were protected from these bad influences by wearing a protective talisman around their necks or on their bodies. The most popular of these talismans are made of cotton thread with a picture of an angel on one side and a cross on the other side.

Jealousy is one of the most common reasons why people have evil eyes thrown at them because they believe that their ex-partner/spouse/friend has been seeing someone else behind their back when in reality there was no such thing going on between the two at all! The reason why people cast an evil eye is that they have ill will against someone else and they want to harm them (in any way possible). It may be their boss, colleague, or even family members who are the cause of their anger and hatred toward them.

Symptoms Of Evil Eye And How It Affects Your Health

The evil eye can cause permanent illness and even death. Therefore it is essential for us to detect the evil eye symptoms as soon as possible to treat it from the root. To Know the disease and to take precautions it is essential that one must know about its symptoms. Following are the few symptoms of evil eye:

  • Headache: A very common symptom of the evil eye is Headache. Although many factors are included for the reason of headaches such as dehydration, anxiety, worry, and stress they might be symptoms of the evil eye.
  • Tightness of the Chest: Many people have experienced chest tightness after they were exposed to the evil eye. If your breathing is not easy, or your chest feels tight, you must go to your doctor and get it diagnosed. Sometimes, your sternum might be swollen due to strenuous exercise or physical work that causes tightness in your chest, but if you haven’t done anything in a while, that is a sign of an evil eye.
  • Despair and Fear: A lot of people have fears and despair that they are not good enough or they don’t have enough money to buy the things they want. They also get sad when they see other people getting all of the attention or when their friends or family members are getting their own way in life. Now people also fear being socialized because they are unable to maintain their privacy. It is also a sense of depression and a symptom of the evil eye too.
  • Darkness Underneath the Eyes: It is a common symptom of the evil eye and many people are suffering from it. It can be due to lack of sleep, excess workload, or lack of nutrients. If not anyone else has this problem in your family and you are the one then you should check out this symptom. And if it is not due to sleep lack, nutrients, and family roots then this is a confirmed symptom of the evil eye.
  • Bruising in the Body: This is also an evil eye symptom. The evil eye can be a real pain. It can cause various physical symptoms including skin rashes, bruising, and even bleeding. The most common symptom of the evil eye is bruising in the body. Bruising occurs when you're exposed to an external force that has a negative effect on your body. When this happens, your blood starts clotting too quickly, which results in bruising. 
  • Constantly Sneezing: It is common saying that when you are sneezing three or two times someone is missing you. With or without flu you are continuously sneezing is an evil eye symptom. If you are sneezing without any reason then you should perform some evil eye guard techniques to safeguard yourself from evil eye symptoms.
  • Hot and Cold Flashes: It is a situation when your body is facing both hot and cold temperatures. This evil eye symptom you can observe is like when you are about to have a fever, but your body all of sudden gets hot and cold flashes. In simple words your body’s temperatures are on ups and downs all the time, this is quite an alarming situation and you should pay attention to it.
  • Burping: This is the most common symptom of the evil eye. The person will show signs of nausea, abdominal pain, and burping. Sometimes it may also cause vomiting or diarrhea. These evil eye symptoms can be quite alarming and dangerous, but they are annoying and uncomfortable.
  • Itching: Itching is normal according to some people because it is a normal reaction when your skin is irritated, But if your skin condition is going to worsen more and more day by day and other people are noticing it too, then you should check out. First, you should consult your Doctor and if it is not recoverable with medicines then it is 100% an evil eye symptom.
Ward Off Evil Eye

Final Thoughts 

The evil eye is a curse that can affect you in many ways. The evil eye is a belief that people who have bad intentions will cause harm to others. It can be caused by a person's thoughts, words, or actions and by the way they dress. The evil eye is believed in many cultures around the world. It is also very important that you keep yourself clean and wear clean clothes all the time.

The poor and homeless are especially susceptible to being targeted by those who practice this form of magic because they may not have access to proper clothing or shelter from the elements. It is believed that the most effective way to protect yourself from this type of magic is through prayer! Prayers have been proven time after time throughout history to be able to ward off any type of negative energy or spell cast against you!

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