The Hand of Protection: Meaning of the Evil Eye in Hand

What Does "Evil Eye In Hand" Mean?

Have you ever seen a blue Pendant with an eye symbol? If the answer is yes then you must know a little bit about what it is and what it represents. In Simple words, it is a piece of Jewelry that people use for their protection against negative powers & it is called an evil eye guard. But it does not end here because it is vast due to its uses and significance in different religions and cultures.

Evil Eye In Hand

Evil Eye In Hand (Hamsa)

Many Historians say that the evil eye in hand is the symbol of a talisman(Magic). The Evil Eye In Hand is called "Hamsa". The evil eye in hand is a pagan fertility mark like a Jewish, Islamic, or Christian talisman. If we look backward there is no such history found for Hamsa ( Evil Eye In Hand) and the design and origin are still unknown. Now the Hamsa is known as a "kabbalistic amulet".

The Hamsa amulet is popular in Africa and in the Middle East. The meaning of Hamsa is five fingers. That’s why the Hebrew tradition gives it the name Hamsa. The Amulet is a symbol of protection universally, the design was first used among Mesopotamian artifacts in the templates of Ishtar.

Hamsa Evil Eye

The Difference Between The Evil Eye Guard And Hamsa Jewellery

There is a little bit of Difference between Hamsa and evil eye Jewelry both are worn for protection purposes but there are some differences:

  • Evil eye guard Is a simple piece of jewelry while Evil eye in hand is more decorative and detailed than the evil eye guard.
  • Evil eye guard is believed to just protects you from evil powers or negativity but Hamsa not only protects you but also brings good luck and prosperity.
  • Evil eye guard is usually made with blue glass, other materials, and other colors while Hamsa is a piece of any carved metal like Gold, Silver, Brass, and Iron too.

Though both are different, both are believed to bring good fortune and can be found in many designs like pendants, bracelets, earrings, and keychains.

The Shocking Facts About Hamsa(Evil Eye In Hand)

  • Hamsa Hand Symbol: Christianity began in 30 AD and Islam in 610 AD while in ancient Mesopotamia Hamsa back to 1500 BC. Evil eye in hand was widely used in different communities! It is said that Hamsa was used in 800 BC by the people of Carthage.
  • The religion of Hamsa hand: In the Modern World, the Hamsa hand is a universal symbol and is almost used in all religions. It is known as the Hand of Mary Mother in Christianity. From Islam to Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, Hamsa is equally famous in all religions.
  • The Down Facing Hamsa Hand Meaning: The down Facing Hamsa represents prosperity and goodness. It Includes prosperity, good luck, wealth, health, and happiness too.
  • Fingers are close together: In Hamsa, hand fingers are usually close together representing the invitation to good looks and good fortune.
  • The Up-Facing Hamsa Hand Meaning: The up-facing hamsa hand helps the wearer to control anger, negative emotions, fear, and greed. Pointing up means the hamsa will protect the wearer.
  • An Eye In Hand Symbol Meaning: the eye in hand simply means to protect the wearer from negative powers. With carved fish and lotus flowers on the Hamsa hand are the symbol of purity, rebirth, health, good luck, strength, happiness, and endurance.
  • Carving Of Hamsa Hand: The evil eye in the hand is mostly carved or formed in silver. According to many people, the metal in itself is a symbol of purity and also holds magical powers.

The Hamsa is painted in red color on walls and also hung on doors for the protection of newborn babies and expecting mothers.

Colorful Hamsa Evil Eye Symbol

Signs That Someone Is Casting An Evil Eye On You

There are many unusual signs that show, someone is casting an evil eye on you which are as follows:

  • If all the family members get angry for no reason, they always quarreled with one another
  • If you want to relate with your partner or friends but you can't do it and you are struggling 
  • The countless Nightmare
  • Fear of loneliness and dark
  • It seems like someone is following you
  • Shapes to pass behind you
  • Feeling someone is in your room with you while you are alone in your room
  • You feel discomfort in gatherings
  • Feel that your eyelids are heavier
  • Again and again, Yawning

Few Burning Questions about Evil Eye in Hand:

Why Do People Wear The Hamsa Hand Against The Evil Eye?

As we mentioned above both the evil eye in hand and the evil eye guard are believed as protection, and both are used to ward off negativity or the evil eye so it is recommended to go with both of them. You can also use any one of them that you want. The eye in the Hamsa Hand works as an ‘’anti evil eye’’ and the five fingers in the hamsa are the symbol of health, wealth, positivity, and good vibes.

How To Wear Hamsa?

There is no mythology in evil eye in hand wearing as mentioned above what does the Hamsa hand up-facing mean and what Down the Face meaning, so you can easily now decide what you want to do with your hamsa hand because it totally depends on the wearer.

If you want to safeguard yourself and have negative thoughts banished you should wear an up-Facing hamsa hand. If You want to control your anger, negativity, and selfishness and want to calm yourself you should wear down Face Hamsa Hand.

Where You Can Get Hamsa!

You can easily get Evil Eye Guard or Evil Eye in Hand at any online store or your local stores You can check for prices and also materials to make your final decision. We’ve got a huge variety of Evil Eye In Hand in our store to help you get the perfect evil eye in hand for yourself.

What Does The Evil Eye In The Hand Mean? 

The hamsa hand is a universal symbol of protection and different beliefs are associated with the Hamsa hand. The evil eye in hand is the symbol of protection like the evil eye but it covers the vast aspects of the evil eye because it not only protects you but also brings good energy and thwarts negative energy. The Hamsa hand is also an eye symbol in its palm so it is not only an evil eye guard but also guards the wearer’s health, wealth, and relations against evil powers.

Should The Hamsa Be Up Or Down?

It is not difficult to wear an evil eye in hand as it depends on you what you want to do with it. The Up-face and down-face Hamsa provide different benefits to the wearer.. If you want to show positivity you should wear it down facing Hamsa. To kill the negative thoughts, wear an up-facing Hamsa.


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